DeFi Kingdoms Takes Harmony to the Top of Gaming Charts

DeFi Kingdoms Takes Harmony to the Top of Gaming Charts

The GameFi platform attracted 160% more users in the past week

DeFi Kingdoms, a GameFi platform on the Harmony blockchain, has seen its user base expand rapidly, attracting 160% more unique active wallets in the past week. Additionally, the spike in activity has pushed DeFi kingdoms to rank as the eighth most-visited gaming dapp across all protocols tracked by DappRadar. This effectively puts the Harmony blockchain on the blockchain gaming map. 

The influx in unique active wallets pushed the number of processed transactions on DeFi Kingdoms to over 355.000. Additionally, the GameFi platform attracted upwards of $202 million in trading volume in the past seven days. 

DeFi Kingdoms is also the most prominent dapp in the whole Harmony ecosystem. Outpacing DeFi and NFT solutions like ViperSwap, Euphoria and daVinci NFT Marketplace, the game has solidified its position as the top Harmony dapp at the moment. 

GameFi is one of this year’s major trends in the blockchain space. This product category combines DeFi with elements of video games. These platforms often offer the same functionalities as DeFi protocols, but in a gamified manner. Yield farming might for example require users to harvest fruit. Dapps like Mobox: NFT Farmer and CryptoBlades on Binance Smart Chain have spearheaded the GameFi movement. 

DeFi Kingdoms brings the fun to DeFi with JEWEL

A big part of DeFi Kingdoms’ success stems from the platform’s fun approach to DeFi tools and mechanics. While the platform offers all traditional elements of DeFi solutions like a decentralized exchange and liquidity farming pools, it also introduces a gaming mechanic into the mix. 

The platform creates a true GameFi experience by introducing quests, NFT characters, and items, and combines these with DeFi tools. Importantly, to make this amalgamation possible, the platform puts a lot of emphasis on its native token, JEWEL. The token is the glue that holds all elements of the game together.

With JEWEL, users can purchase valuable items and unique NFTs such as Heroes and Kingdoms in the game. They can also get various in-game buffs such as speeding up build times and refreshing stamina. Not only is the token used for in-game items and one-of-a-kind NFTs, but it also facilitates liquidity mining, allowing players to earn even more through staking. 

DeFi Kingdoms is riding the wave of revolution that’s sweeping through the DeFi space. Users are starting to see the benefit of combining all sectors of the crypto space into a single project, essentially making investing look like a game. The DeFi space is transforming, and Harmony and DeFi Kingdoms are leading the charge. DappRadar will continue monitoring the dapp space as more revolutionaries join. To learn more about them, check out the useful links below. 

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