Decentralized Universe of Farsite Fuelled by DeFi and cNFTs

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Limited Crate sale starts on May 31st

Supernovae, the team behind MegaCryptoPolis, is gearing up to launch Farsite, an online space game with a completely player-driven DeFi-powered economy on the blockchain. They will kickstart the game’s economy with a limited Crate sale starting on May 31st.

Farsite is the type of game that doesn’t guide players, but sets them free into a universe where they decide what happens. Players can trade, form alliances, provide services and most likely wage wars. The point is that everything in Farsite will be player-driven, making the entire game economy very similar to DeFi. 

Behind this open game universe is an impressive tech stack. The developers design Farsite for Ethereum 2.0, and use Polygon as a scaling solution. Furthermore, the game uses zero-knowledge technology (ZK Relay) to register all in-game actions like flying, battling and building. 

In the game players will use Credits to refuel their spaceship, to explore planets or to buy assets. These tokens exist on the Polygon blockchain. Gamers use these in the game world, but they can also trade them on the Ethereum blockchain as FAR tokens. Every FAR token equals 1,000 Credits. 

Open economy, limited resources

What’s interesting about Farsite is that the game only offers a setting, but not a story. Aside from the limited sale of Crates on May 31st, there won’t be any extra assets in the game world. As a result gamers will create everything in the game, using materials found while exploring the in-game universe, at a working station in a base constructed by players. Again, players will create all this using materials obtained in the game. 

All created items will be ERC-721 tokens, or NFTs. That means that players can use them freely, trade them with other players or simply sell them in any marketplace. With limited resources in the virtual universe, demand will increase. This demand will inevitably turn certain locations into hotspots, and there will be a struggle for power and control.

Gamers are also free to take on any role they see fit. They could be transporting goods between stations and planets, providing a service to other players. The diverse variety of strategies allows players to be anything from  a miner, a manufacturer, or an explorer to a space pirate or the governor of a whole Constellation.

What’s interesting about the NFTs in Farsite, is that the game features cNFTs or Collateralized Non-Fungible Tokens. This is a new standard for collateral staking that allows gamers to borrow money against in-game assets. This would for example make sense if players need a loan to acquire resources or as an insurance when a spaceship gets damaged.

Moreover every Ship will have some Credits stacked to operate, that will be redeemed if a player decides to dismantle the Ship or if it is destroyed in combat. As mentioned above, players can use Credits to trade resources and components or convert them to FAR to trade on external exchanges for ETH.

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