Decentraland-based Battle Racers’ pre-sale raises 482 ETH in first week

Start your engines…

Its initial popularity caused some technical gremlins, but at the conclusion of its discounted early bird period, it’s clear the pre-sale for Altitude Game’s forthcoming Battle Racers is set to be a great success.

During the first seven days of its month-long pre-sale, 481.9 ETH (worth over $125,000) has been spent buying the game’s crates.

Each of these ERC20 tokens contain the components required to build a racing car. They come in four flavours: Gold (costing 0.7 ETH), Silver (0.3), Bronze (0.1) and Wood (0.035).

Unsurprisingly the cheapest option — Wood — sold the best, both in terms of total number of crates sold (56% of the total) and the proportion of available crates sold (55% of the available 3,420 Wood crates have been purchased).

However, as is often the case, the second most popular crate — at least in terms of the proportion of available crates sold — was Gold, with 33% of the 1,140 available Gold crates now sold.

Obviously, Gold crates also accounted for the largest single slice of revenue — 48% of the total 481.9 ETH.

Still time to buy

Altitude Games encouraged interested players to make their purchases early, offering a 15% early bird discount for sales during the first two days, dropping to 9% and then lower as the week-long early bird period progressed.

Although this discount is now over, players can still get involved with the pre-sale, which runs until 21 June. And as well as purchasing through Metamask, the game also has a fiat payment option using Nifty Gateway.

Battle Racers will launch later this summer when the Decentraland blockchain-based virtual world (in which it’s embedded) launches.

You can find out more details via the website and its Medium page.

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