Dark Country Getting Ready For Public Land Sale on Wax

dark country public land sale on wax

Landowners get passive income with new token

After more than $300,000 in NFT trading in the past month, Dark Country is about to have its public land sale this Saturday. Gamers will be able to purchase two types of packs, either containing one or three land parcels.

With more than 32 thousand trades or sales, Dark Country has a spot in the Top 10 most active NFT collections according to data from DappRadar. These trades came from 4,106 unique active wallets and had a total volume of more than $314,590. That’s not an awful lot when compared to others in the charts, but it’s up 829% compared with the same period before.

Dark Country is a trading card game that has been active on the Wax blockchain for quite some time. Recently the project expanded its playing field to the Flow blockchain, while also introducing virtual land. With the introduction of virtual land and a new token economy, trading activity skyrocketed. The public land sale that will take place on the Wax blockchain tomorrow, is the cherry on the pie.

Land in Dark Country explained

Each land parcel in Dark Country is an NFT on the Wax or Flow blockchain. Landowners can build on their land to make it more interesting for players to visit. For example, when there’s an alchemy lab players can visit a land parcel to create potions. The landowners earns a percentage of the revenue made on their land. In addition players could complete quest or defeat monsters, all benefiting the landowner as well as the player.

On every blockchain Dark Country has one continent, consisting out of 10,000 land plots. Only 40% will go to players, while the developers will keep the rest for all kinds of activities. Land plots have different values and rarities. The closer to the center a piece of land is located, the more expensive it will be. Furthermore, it will generate the most passive income. Landowners will earn Shadow Dimes or SDM tokens. These tokens are required to upgrade land, buy tools or acquire new playing cards.

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