DappRadar’s Approved January Dapps

Top New Dapps on DappRadar Listed in January 2023

A rundown of the new dapps listed in The World’s Dapp Store

With January behind us, now’s a good time to look at all the new decentralized applications you can find on DappRadar. As the World’s Dapp Store, our goal is to list every dapp on every blockchain so our users can explore the data and find the best products on the market.

Calling all developers

If you’re a developer, we want to work with you. While DappRadar has become proficient in the past few years at automatically listing dapps and NFT collections, we know there are more out there that we haven’t made contact with yet.

So if you’re a developer, an artist, or a platform creating the next big thing in Web3, please get in touch with us and let us know what you’ve made. Fill in a form with a few simple details and we’ll list your dapp in our Rankings for the world to see. Then you can start attracting new users and begin realizing your vision.

January dapps by the numbers

  • Overall, 4% more dapps were submitted in January 2023 than December 2022, from 2,793 to 2,907.
  • DappRadar manually approved 27% more dapps in January than the previous month, up from 314 to 398.
  • We also rejected 40% more dapps, month-on-month. In December we said no to 101 dapps; in January that number went to 140.
  • Most of the approved dapps are on Ethereum, where dapp submissions rose by 412%, to 169 dapps.
  • Submitted dapps on BNB Chain went down by 4%, from 98 to 94. 
  • Polygon also had a good January, doubling its number of submitted dapps from 25 to 50.
  • Submissions for dapps built on Tezos went from 48 in December to nearly zero in January.
  • Most approved dapps were under the category of Collectibles and DeFi, where submissions rose 228% and 48%, respectively.
  • Games dapps dropped by nearly half, down to 40. Most other dapp categories saw a similar number of approved dapps, month-on-month.

Receive Alerts when new dapps arrive

Every time a new dapp gets listed on DappRadar, you can be immediately notified. Become a DappRadar PRO member and customize your Alerts based on category and blockchain. That way, you’ll get alerted when a new DeFi dapp hits the Cardano ecosystem, or a game gets listed on BNB Chain.

Great for users, great for developers, and anyone else who wants to keep a sharp eye on the latest moves in Web3.

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