DappRadar’s Approved February Dapps

Top New Dapps on DappRadar Listed in February 2023

A rundown of the latest dapps on the World’s Dapp Store

With February a memory, and March moving forward, it’s time to discover how many new decentralized applications appeared in DappRadar’s datasets. As the World’s Dapp Store, our aim is to feature all dapps on every blockchain, enabling our users to delve into the numbers and find the best products on the market.

Calling all developers

If you’re a developer, we want to work with you. While DappRadar has become proficient in the past few years at automatically listing dapps and NFT collections, we know there are more out there that we haven’t made contact with yet.

So if you’re a developer, an artist, or a platform creating the next big thing in Web3, please get in touch with us and let us know what you’ve made. Fill in a form with a few simple details and we’ll list your dapp in our Rankings for the world to see. Then you can start attracting new users and begin realizing your vision.

February dapps by the numbers

  • Overall 2,706 dapps were approved in February, down from 2,799 in January.
  • In February, DappRadar manually approved and incorporated 362 dapps, down from 424 in January. This is a drop of 15%.
  • Most approved dapps are on Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon. Ethereum had 139, BNB Chain had 79, and Polygon had 41.
  • The majority of dapps submitted in February are built on Tezos, with 1,401, down 9.8% from January (1,551 dapps).
  • The majority of dapps approved Ethereum are in the Collectibles category. 98 of these were approved. On BNB Chain, DeFi dapps led the way with 22.
  • Dapps approved on Polygon dropped by 25% from 144 in January to 108 in February.
  • Collectibles and DeFi remain the most regularly approved dapps. But the combined number of both categories fell from 265 in January to 208 in February.
  • On the other hand, the number of approved Games dapps rose from 42 in January to 51 in February.
  • Automatically approved dapps are onboarded without manual approval by the system. These dapps are often NFT collections, with smart contracts, as opposed to platforms like exchanges or games.

New Dapps in February

Below a selection of the dapps that got listed on DappRadar. Welcome!

  • Lifeform – a metaverse identity dapp built on BNB Chain
  • TaskOn – a Web3-enabled collaboration tool on Polygon and BNB Chain
  • Collab.Land Genesis NFT – the first NFT collection from Web3 social tool Collab
  • ByteGANs – Generative on-chain GIF collection made by Pindar van Arman
  • Cross the Ages – trading card game on Immutable X
  • Utopia Avatars – Avatars that can with community benefits in real and virtual world

Receive Alerts when new dapps arrive

Every time a new dapp gets listed on DappRadar, you can be immediately notified. Become a DappRadar PRO member and customize your Alerts based on category and blockchain. That way, you’ll get alerted when a new DeFi dapp hits the Cardano ecosystem, or a game gets listed on BNB Chain.

Great for users, great for developers, and anyone else who wants to keep a sharp eye on the latest moves in Web3.

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