DappRadar Will Integrate Harmony Protocol

harmony dappradar integration announcement

Leading dapp discovery platform to embrace cross-chain protocol

DappRadar, the number one dapp discovery platform, will integrate Harmony Protocol in the coming months. The integration of Harmony fits DappRadar’s vision for a multichain future, as Harmony wants to become the one bridge that connects all blockchains. 

Harmony is all about scaling Ethereum dapps and making decentralized finance cross-chain. The blockchain solution can run Ethereum dapps with 2-second transaction finality, while transaction costs are at least 100 times lower. This makes Harmony an ideal solution for dapps looking to flee the increasing Ethereum gas prices. One of the DeFi solutions on Harmony is SushiSwap. 

Despite their focus on the financial sector, Harmony also supports NFTs. With its DaVinci Gallery it already offers a premier NFT marketplace for digital collectibles and artworks. All payments here happen in the native ONE token. DappRadar will start tracking DeFi protocols, DaVinci and many other dapps in a few months from now. 

Users interested in using dapps on Harmony, can simply use Metamask as their preferred web3 wallet. In addition there’s the native Harmony One wallet. 

How to setup Harmony in Metamask

  1. Open Metamask, click the network drop-down menu on top
  2. At the bottom of the menu, select Custom RPC
  3. Fill in the info below:
    1. Network name: Harmony
    2. New RPC URL: https://api.harmony.one
    3. Chain ID: 1666600000
    4. Currency: ONE
    5. Block explorer: https://explorer.harmony.one 
  4. Click SAVE. 
  5. You can now select Harmony from the network drop-down menu and start interacting with dapps on the Harmony blockchain. 

Try out these dapps running on Harmony

A whole lot more dapps will be listed on DappRadar later this year. 

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