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Discovering community tools, services dapps, DeFi TVL and NFT trading activity through one hub

DappRadar understands the challenges of dapp discovery, and with an Ecosystem Hub everybody can find trending dapps and essential tools for the Web3 community. DappRadar’s Ecosystem Hubs offer the best of the best, and even add something extra for your community and your blockchain ecosystem. 

An Ecosystem Hub on DappRadar allows blockchain ecosystems to serve their community a branded page with all the essential information about product verticals, tools and blockchain data. Moreover, it combines the best DappRadar has to offer, merged into one page dedicated to your entire off-chain and on-chain ecosystem. 

Ecosystem Hubs are a complete service, powered and maintained by DappRadar. This saves human and technical resources as communities don’t need to maintain or curate themselves, while still being able to contribute. Above all, when a community member submits a new dapp to DappRadar, it will also automatically be integrated in the Ecosystem Hub. 

What can you find on an Ecosystem Hub?

An Ecosystem Hub, hosted by DappRadar, offers your community a wealth of information, ranging from dapp stats to NFT trading volumes and DeFi TVL. However, there’s a whole lot more that we can add depending on your preferences. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trending dapps based on the 24-hour increase in unique active wallets,
  • An overview of tools and services within your ecosystem, such as wallets, infrastructure tools, development kits, governance tools, and so on,
  • Recently added dapps on DappRadar, and therefore also recently added to the Ecosystem Hub,
  • Upcoming dapp releases, as provided by the developer community,
  • The top NFT sales in the past 24 hours, and the tokens that have increased or decreased the most in value over the same time period.

Examples of Ecosystem Hubs

Each ecosystem that leverages the advantages offered to them by DappRadar’s Ecosystem Hubs can also specify what type of metrics deserve priority for their community. DappRadar creates the hubs in collaboration with the blockchain team, as some chains focus more on gaming dapps, while others put more emphasis on DeFi. 

Ethereum ecosystem hub

Linea ecosystem hub

WAX ecosystem hub

zkSync ecosystem hub

Contact us for more information

Managing a blockchain ecosystem, and interested in having your own Ecosystem Hub page? Make sure to contact DappRadar and find out more. Our team is ready to answer your questions, and help your community to discover projects and tools needed to thrive within your ecosystem.

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