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Trust Wallet users can now discover Web3 with DappRadar

DappRadar users can now connect to the site and tools using the Trust Wallet and see their ETH, BNB, and Polygon portfolios. Additionally, they can become PRO users, enjoy advanced data features, and join exciting airdrops. This marks the latest successful integration of wallet connections for DappRadar users together with Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, GameStop Wallet, and Brave Wallet. 

Trust Wallet is a robust and user-friendly wallet software that grants you access to many cryptocurrency coins allowing you to stake your assets and earn interest on them. The wallet has many benefits but the greatest ones are its outstanding security features and ease of use, letting you purchase crypto with your credit card. 

DappRadar users will now see their Trust Wallet assets on ETH, BNB, and Polygon by connecting with the self-custody crypto wallet. Trust Wallet users can buy, receive, and send crypto assets across multiple chains, including Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains.

How to Connect to DappRadar using the Trust Wallet 

It is important that you install the Trust Wallet extension first and set it as default under wallet settings. When you connect to DappRadar, it will be displayed as an option.  You must sign a transaction in your Trust Wallet to approve the connection to DappRadar, this is a seamless process.

Congrats! You are now connected to the World’s Dapp Store using your Trust Wallet. To navigate to DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, check your assets on Ethereum, head back to the homepage, and click on the top right icon, which should now show your Trust Wallet address. 

Click the icon, and a sidebar will appear on the right with options. The first option is to use the integration with Wyre to purchase cryptocurrencies using Visa or Mastercard. Selecting Settings will allow you to personalize your DappRadar account further and opt-in to marketing messages or not. 

The Portfolio tab will immediately open your Trust Wallet in the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, where you can track and analyze real-time actionable data on your portfolio and stay ahead of the game with cutting-edge industry tools.

Carry your Web3 journey with you

With the DappRadar mobile app, never miss out on Web3 again. See the performance of the most popular dapps, and keep an eye on the NFTs in your portfolio. Your DappRadar account syncs with our mobile app, giving you soon the option to receive alerts live as they happen.

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