DappRadar starts tracking dapps on the ThunderCore blockchain

A seventh blockchain now supported

Further building its reputation as the most trusted source for dapp data, DappRadar has added support for dapps running on the ThunderCore blockchain.

ThunderCore is a public, EVM-compatible blockchain designed to achieve the scalability and speed of a centralized infrastructure and the security of a decentralized system.

It does this using a dual chain approach; what it describes a “standard” slow blockchain — ThunderCore originally used Ethereum — combined with a “fast-path” protocol that’s coordinated by a centralized authority called the Accelerator.

In this manner, under normal conditions, ThunderCore can operate at 1,200+ TPS with sub-second confirmation times and low gas costs. However, if the system is under attack or the Accelerator misbehaves, the system reverts to the slow chain to ensure data security.

ThunderCore for mobile games

But so much for the technical details. Where the ThunderCore team really wants to make a difference is cracking what it calls “blockchain’s biggest problem — lack of users”.

It hopes to solve this by targeting one of the most active groups of online content consumers — mobile gamers.

Focused on ease of onboarding through its mobile ThunderCore Hub app, and encouraging a free-to-play business model, ThunderCore has already demonstrated it can handle more daily active users than Ethereum, EOS and TRON.

This occurred during a promotion in May through the mobile Trust wallet, which saw the Esports game peak at over 19,000 daily active wallets.

More generally, though, ThunderCore is experiencing the typical issues of a newly-launched blockchain. It doesn’t yet have many dapps and most of them don’t yet have many users: the exception being the Slots gambling dapp.

However, as it builds out its developer community in the coming months, we’re excited to see how ThunderCore can shake up the current status quo.

You can find out more about ThunderCore via its website and Medium.

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