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Two years after bringing RADAR to the market, we at DappRadar are excited to bring the token of the World’s Dapp Store to Polygon. Deploying RADAR on Polygon fits the multichain future as envisioned, and it makes our governance and utility token available for one of the most popular blockchain ecosystems. 

Launched at the peak of the last bull market, the RADAR community and the DappRadar team have been building for two years to establish a fully compliant DAO and integrate RADAR deeper into the DappRadar ecosystem. We pioneered cross-chain staking, we introduced a unique membership proposition with DappRadar PRO, and now we’re bringing RADAR to the massive Web3 community of Polygon. 

The Polygon ecosystem is among the most popular chains on DappRadar. Within the Polygon ecosystem, gaming is growing fast, and that aligns nicely with the vision of the World’s Dapp Store. By bringing the token to Polygon, DappRadar gets to connect with a vibrant developer community. 

Having RADAR available across multiple blockchains also connects to DappRadar’s vision to be multichain. RADAR now exists on Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon. You can bridge tokens from one chain to the other through Connext

Use RADAR on Polygon on DappRadar

With the launch of RADAR on Polygon, the tokens on the Polygon chain also become usable within the DappRadar ecosystem. You can earn RADAR as a reward from Quests, or use the Polygon-version of the token for certain services. 

For example, users can activate their PRO membership by staking 30,000 RADAR, and they will receive a APY while doing so. In addition, users and developers can use the Boosting Power from their locked RADAR on Polygon to boost dapps. 

RADAR liquidity on QuickSwap V3

DappRadar will work with QuickSwap to bring RADAR liquidity to the Polygon ecosystem. There’s a QuickSwap V3 pool for MATIC-RADAR, which covers a wide pricing range. This way the DappRadar DAO can guarantee that there’s always liquidity available for RADAR on Polygon. 

Those who supply liquidity to the pool, can expect two types of rewards. First of all, liquidity providers in the QuickSwap V3 RADAR-MATIC pool on QuickSwap can expect RADAR rewards for providing liquidity. In addition, the team at QuickSwap has been so wholesome to also provide QUICK rewards. 

Celebrate with Polygon

You may have noticed that all partners in our pre-launch campaign exist on the Polygon blockchain. Thanks to partners like ApeBond, Aavegotchi, PlayDapp, and Forest Knight, the community has been able to complete thousands of tasks to complete the quests. There were, and still are, thousands of dollars worth of prizes to win. But, now the Polygon ecosystem welcomes RADAR. 

To celebrate this spectacular moment, DappRadar and Polygon have worked together to create a quest. Go to the Quests hub on DappRadar, and complete the quest. You will receive an NFT celebrating the arrival of RADAR on Polygon.

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