RADAR Now Listed on Gate.io

dappradar gateio radar token listing

Cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io opens RADAR trading on 23 February

DappRadar is happy to announce that Gate.io has listed RADAR, the native token powering the World’s Dapp Store. Gate.io launched the RADAR / USDT trading pair, which opens to the public on 23 February 2023, at 8 AM UTC. 

On Gate.io crypto traders can find RADAR starting from Thursday, 23 February 2023, 8 AM UTC. The token will only be available in the trading pair RADAR / USDT.

Gate.io allows trading of more than 1,400 different cryptocurrencies. In addition, they offer a token launch platform, staking, lending, and their own NFT marketplace service. 

What is RADAR? 

RADAR is a utility and governance token at the core of the DappRadar ecosystem, providing users, developers and other companies with a say in the development of The World’s Dapp Store.

DappRadar allows community members to stake their RADAR tokens on one chain, and claim rewards on another. For example, stake on the Ethereum blockchain and then claim the rewards on BNB Chain.

Community members can use RADAR to obtain a DappRadar PRO membership. PRO unlocks a plethora of features, data points and analytics. 

For example:

  • Access to all smart contracts for every dapp on any blockchain
  • More data points for dapp activity and NFT sales
  • Customized filter options in the Rankings
  • Download historical data sets in a CSV file
  • Create live, personalized notifications for new dapps and NFT collections

DappRadar is on a path towards decentralization, and users, investors, industry partners, companies and developers holding RADAR tokens will have a say in the future of the World’s Dapp Store.

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