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DappRadar and OKX strengthen relationship with token listing

Following the integration of DappRadar’s API into the OKX Wallet and the OKX Web3 page, we are now excited to share that RADAR is now listed on OKX. Starting from 21 February, 8am UTC, traders can find RADAR on OKX. 

RADAR will launch on OKX in phases:

  • Deposits – Tuesday, 21 February, 8am UTC (ETH only)
  • Trading – Wednesday, 22 February, 8am UTC
  • Withdrawals – Thursday, 23 February, 8am UTC (ETH only)

Spot trading will be available for these two trading pairs

Without a doubt OKX is one of the biggest centralized exchanges on the market, and this will make RADAR and DappRadar more visible to the crypto community. By listing RADAR on OKX, our native token becomes available on one of the most trustworthy exchanges on the market, according to Coingecko.

OKX taking Web3 seriously

Even though OKX is best known as a centralized exchange, the platform takes the development of Web3 and the decentralized web very seriously. It’s not without reason that OKX partnered with DappRadar to make dapp data available in their OKX Wallet and on their Web3 page. OKX Wallet users can even use their wallet to log in to DappRadar. 

Did you know that OKX also has two dapps listed on DappRadar? Their own OKX DEX attracts 8,150 Unique Active Wallets per month, while the OKX NFT Marketplace has a user base of 2,950 wallets in the past 30 days. 
DappRadar is building the World’s Dapp Store, empowering users to discover dapps.

DappRadar is building the World’s Dapp Store, empowering users to discover dapps. At the same time developers can leverage DappRadar to get their dapp in front of users. Thanks to DappRadar’s API service, any product owner, researcher or investor can use clean blockchain data to analyze or enrich existing products. Of course the RADAR token has a fundamental role in this ecosystem.

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