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Grow your community through on-chain and off-chain activities

Developers can utilize DappRadar’s Quests to find and expand their existing community, while educating them on product features and community values in the process. Quests allow developers to utilize both off-chain and on-chain actions, while rewarding users through gamification and on-chain prizes. 

DappRadar invites developers to tap into our rich ecosystem and launch a Quest to attract an audience and present their project to new communities. We have now launched a submission form that eliminates unnecessary waiting times, allowing developers to directly see and understand what they need to provide to launch their quests. 

Since the launch of Quests in December 2023, we’ve welcomed 50+ partners to launch a wide variety of quests with an ever expanding set of tasks. Quests introduced new users to DeFi bonds, taught them about new blockchain ecosystems, and invited them to join exciting communities on Discord. 

Benefits of Quests on DappRadar

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Before we explain how the submission process works, let’s first look at the benefits of launching a quest.

  • Projects can utilize both Quests and our discovery options, by listing on DappRadar
  • Enhance visibility and attract new users outside your own bubble
  • Combine off-chain and on-chain actions to captivate an audience
  • Grow your social media presence and community
  • Increase the amount of wallets holding your tokens
  • Make users interact with your smart contracts
  • Utilize on-chain mechanics like staking, swapping, minting and more. 

All these actions benefit your project, growing your community through social media and blockchain activity. 

Submit a quest

DappRadar has streamlined the process for developers to submit a quest. Instead of relying on Google Forms, we have now created our own submission form. This new process takes a clear step-by-step approach, and ensures that developers provide all the necessary information required for a quest. 

To streamline the process of quest creation, we advise developers to have the following at hand: 

  • Descriptions for your Quest, and how it fits into the your community or project
  • Smart contract addresses of tokens or NFTs involved in the quest
  • Rewards can be distributed on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Optimism. 
  • Quests with on-chain actions are limited to the supported chains mentioned above. 
  • Valid Discord invite URLs, preferably without time constraints
  • Visual headers in the sizes 1200 x 630 and 1216 x 195 (both max 1 Mb)

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