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A deep dive into gamification on DappRadar, and a look into the future

With the launch of Quests, DappRadar kicked off its first steps into gamification, and now we launched the Rewards Center. Users with a DappRadar account can complete quests, earn XP, level up their account and rise to the top of the leaderboards battling for rewards. 

Gamification allows DappRadar to make dapp discovery and user engagement a lot more fun, while our community members can compete for prizes, rewards, and of course honor. Through the newly launched Reward Center, anybody can discover which wallets have gathered the most XP during a Quest Season. 

Through the Reward Center, you can understand the goals for the current season and the maximum amount of XP you can earn. Season 1 has a level cap of 30, which corresponds to a maximum amount of 22,500 XP. Through the search option, users can look up wallet addresses and find out how well they score against the competition.

How to increase your score

For those who look at the leaderboard and want to rank better, you can do so by completing Quests on DappRadar. In collaboration with various partners, DappRadar offers a variety of quests available for a limited time. 

Each Quests consists of a number of actions, ranging from social media activity to onchain transactions. As gamification and the Quest product matures, more types of actions will be added. 

At the bottom of the Reward Center you can see the Season 1 Summary, giving every user an idea of how many quests they need to complete to reach the maximum level. Within the Reward Center users can directly link to Trending Quests to start their journey towards the top of the leaderboard.

Phase 2 for gamification on DappRadar

We’re just getting started, and you can influence future iterations of Quests and gamification on DappRadar. We take a seasonal approach, allowing us to test new things, new mechanics and new features in every season. 

As mentioned before, in Phase 2 we will introduce new ways for users to earn XP. This will likely include features such as:

  • Daily logins, because a gm a day keeps the doctor away
  • Using DappRadar to open 5 dapps
  • Voting on DappRadar Community Proposals (DCP)

In addition, we’re already working to make Quests a much more automated process. Instead of working with Google Sheets and requiring lots of manual labor, we will offer a submission form for any project interested in launching a quest. And everybody adventuring into Web3 through our Quests, will have a personal progress card (or passport) outlining their personal stats and where they are in their journey to complete the season.

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