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Everything you need to know about why, how and when you can get earn airdrops

DappRadar is taking the PRO membership to the next level with the introduction of PRO Airdrops, an exclusive feature for those who level up their Web3 discovery journey. Being a PRO member on DappRadar automatically enriches your experience on the platform, and enables users to earn rewards and ease their journey. 

DappRadar continuously strives to enhance the user experience for PRO members by providing value beyond the ordinary. This isn’t only about data insights, analytics and premium content, but more about fostering a rich journey through the Web3 space. 

As the World’s Dapp Store, we stand at the epicenter of the Web3 ecosystem, tracking thousands of dapps across 60+ different blockchain ecosystems. Our PRO members are stand out participants in the Web3 ecosystem, trying new projects and discovering hidden gems. 

Through PRO Airdrops we, together with partners, openly invite PRO members to try new blockchains, discover new DeFi projects and dive into new games. See these as a reward for having skin in the game, and being an active participant in the Web3 movement. 

Why airdrops? 

PRO Airdrops represent not only a financial reward, but more a gateway to exploring the evolving landscape of decentralized applications and blockchain ecosystems. With these airdrops we aim to enhance our PRO user’s discovery experience, by offering them first hand exposure to trending, interesting and upcoming projects. 

How do these airdrops benefit PRO users?

PRO members will receive PRO Airdrops from a curated selection of promising Web3 projects. This not only adds value to their portfolio, but also gives them a unique vantage point on emerging trends and technologies. 

These airdrops also serve as a tool for exploration, allowing users to engage with new dapps and ecosystems to understand their mechanisms and assess their wider impact. Moreover, as token holders you may become a member of new communities or DAOs, giving PRO members a front row seat.

Receive future airdrops

We expect to deliver more airdrops in the weeks and months to come, but these will be exclusive to PRO members only. You can get a PRO membership by staking 30,000 RADAR. Keep in mind, holding a PRO NFT doesn’t make users eligible for PRO Airdrops. 

How many airdrops will you receive? 

DappRadar aims to provide airdrops on a regular basis, but doesn’t want to speculate on the quantity per month or quarter. We see airdrops as a valuable way to bring our pioneering Web3 community into new ecosystems. DappRadar aims to utilize PRO Airdrops in such a way that PRO members 

  • Gain access to new, exciting ecosystems
  • Receive rewards for being active participants in Web3
  • Get to discover projects outside their perimeter

DappRadar aims to utilize PRO Airdrops whenever we can introduce the community to exciting ecosystems.  

What is the DappRadar PRO membership?

The DappRadar PRO Memberships is available to all, and caters to those who want data and tools to discover new token launches, early NFT mints and hidden gems. As a PRO member you get access to various tools and data points otherwise unavailable to others. Simply stake at least 30,000 RADAR on Ethereum, BNB Chain or Polygon. PRO members also earn an APY on their staked tokens, making this the only membership in Web3 where you earn. Get your PRO membership now

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