DappRadar Portfolio Now Supports Polygon Tokens

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The first step towards full implementation of the Polygon ecosystem

DappRadar is happy to launch the first phase of integrating the Polygon blockchain into the Portfolio Tracker service. Anybody can now use the Portfolio Tracker to look into the token holdings and DeFi positions of a particular wallet address. 

Visitors of DappRadar can now use the Portfolio Tracker to track their token holdings and DeFi positions on the Polygon blockchain. This is the third blockchain that DappRadar integrates into its portfolio service, highlighting that the World’s Dapp Store is the one-stop-shop for everybody interested in dapps, play-to-earn gaming, NFTs, and DeFi.

Users without a DappRadar account can still check their portfolio simply by connecting their wallet and then selecting the Polygon blockchain in the top left corner of the Portfolio Tracker. At the moment, support for NFTs is still in development. This feature is expected to roll out in the weeks to come. 

How to use DappRadar Portfolio

  • Connect your Web3 wallet to DappRadar, and you can navigate to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker to see your DeFi and NFTs. 
  • This will automatically create a profile for you as well. When you add your email address, you will be able to stay fully up-to-date on product updates or industry news. 
  • Click the account icon, log in or sign up, and connect your wallet. Keep in mind that you need to approve a signature, but there are no gas fees involved. 

When you log in to your portfolio, the starting page gives an overview of all your assets. You can see the value of your tokens, your DeFi assets, and your NFT collection. You can quickly move to other segments of your portfolio from the Overview page, using the menu on the left side.

The DappRadar Portfolio allows users to gain insight into their wallets and take action. Users can trade tokens and list NFTs straight from their wallets on the marketplace. Furthermore, you can research other wallets and acquire certain assets based on your analysis.

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