DappRadar Partners With MyEtherWallet Putting Dapps in the Hands of Millions of Users


MEW now has DappRadar Ethereum dapp rankings in android app

Users of the popular MyEtherWallet or MEW as they prefer to be known will now be able to access DappRadar’s industry-leading Ethereum dapp rankings within the native Android MEW wallet app.

Furthermore, the DappRadar API will introduce a clever search feature within the MEW wallet app which allows users to quickly access dapps from the comfort of their mobile device. Later roll-outs will see rankings data added to the MEW website and the MEW iOS wallet application.

Ethereum dapps in 2020 

  • Dapp transaction volumes surpassed $270 billion with 95% accounted for by Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.
  • Total Value Locked (TVL) and adjusted TVL (aTVL) amongst top Ethereum dapps tracked by DappRadar reached all-time high figures in 2020 of $13 billion and $11 billion respectively.
  • In 2020, 238 new DeFi dapps were submitted to DappRadar. Of these 106 (45%) run on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Overall, 1,353 new dapps were submitted to DappRadar in 2020. Of these 424 (32%) run on the Ethereum blockchain.

2020 results provided a compelling enough reason for the wider public and institutional investors to sit up and take notice of decentralized applications. Whilst the move by MEW to integrate dapp data into their flagship product signals a growing interest from wallets to bring dapps to their customers.

DappRadar is delighted to expose dapps to MEW’s 1.3 million monthly visitors and is excited about the potential benefits for both sides as dapps move further into the spotlight.  Moreover, it shows recognition of the work undertaken by DappRadar in building a comprehensive suite of tracking products.

Who is MEW? 

MEW was founded in 2015 and has become a well-used product with a healthy community and an application user experience arguably unrivaled in the sector even today. 

In the most basic form, MyEtherWallet or MEW is a free, client-side interface helping users interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The easy-to-use, open-source platform allows users to generate wallets, interact with smart contracts, and more. 

More specifically, the MEW Wallet is the official fully-fledged mobile app, bringing Ethereum to iOS and Android device users.

Partnering for success 

DappRadar has built a leadership position in the sector and is the world’s leading dapp statistics and analytics site. A one-stop-shop and starting point for dapp discovery and interaction.  

For users, having access to dapps directly in their wallet means they will now have a convenient central browsing location and be able to take action immediately. In the future, more advanced 2-way communication systems can be introduced and dapps will be able to directly market and communicate to their communities helping to create better products and services. 

The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) in 2020 really brought dapps to the fore as applications such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Balancer for example watched their user base and transaction volumes swell. In response to this, wallets such as MEW are keen to introduce their customers to a world of applications and services. 

Moreover, DappRadar’s Ethereum rankings allow users to watch and analyze projects that they perhaps invested in years ago during the bull run of 2017. Dapps and blockchains such as Axie Infinity, Ethereum, EOS, and VeChain to name a few. 

Unlike in 2017, users can now see how a project is performing on DappRadar and whether or not their initial investment was well placed. Furthermore, users can also track and discover new projects that may peak interest and present opportunities. 

What they will be displaying 

If you already have a MEW wallet then expect to receive access at the first stage to DappRadar data for Ethereum dapps only. The DappRadar API will also permit the native search feature within the MEW application to seek out specific dapps on Ethereum related to the search query and allow instant access. 

As previously mentioned, later in 2021, the rankings will be added to the MEW iOS application and online wallet, so all users can enjoy the wealth of data available. 

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