DappRadar partners with EverdreamSoft to launch first blockchain game ‘Spells of Genesis’ on Ethereum

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Helping to drive adoption of blockchain gaming and NFT collectibles.

Geneva-based EverdreamSoft, pioneers in the use of blockchain technology in gaming since 2014 today announced their plan to integrate the Ethereum blockchain into their flagship game “Spells of Genesis”.

In 2017 Spells of Genesis allowed users to convert in-game cards into blockchain-based digital assets and export them into their own digital wallets.

EverdreamSoft was the first gaming studio to offer such features and Spells of Genesis is currently playable on iOS and Android with around 1.3k active monthly users.

Ethereum-based games and associated collectibles have generated strong communities that eagerly await new and innovative projects and in 2019 the Ethereum games and marketplaces categories accounted for 50% of overall daily active users, showing total growth of 195%.

Crystal Spark

Thanks to a collection of open-source software – Crystal Spark – EverdreamSoft can easily gather data from different blockchains and present them to the players in a unified and simplified way, no matter the chain. EDS believes that this approach will help the NFT community grow and bring new, less tech-savvy users into blockchain gaming.

Games and marketplaces accounted for 50% of daily active wallets on Ethereum in 2019

Why is Spells of Genesis important? 

As the first blockchain-based game ever made, Spells of Genesis combines trading card game (TCG) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games and has arguably inspired other decentralized TCGs that have seen great success with Ethereum game projects.

The Gods Unchained NFT card presale attracted a lot of attention in Q4 2019

Collect, trade and combine to build the strongest decks

Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies in a series of battles with two types of card used: in-game cards and blockchain cards.

Players who have fused four cards together and leveled up the fused card to its maximum power will be able to export it from the game into their own digital wallets. 

Spells of Genesis will release the first round of exclusive NFT collectibles in mid-February and have plans to launch on Ethereum in mid-2020. For now, the game can be played on iOS and Android devices.

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