DappRadar Makes NFT Sales Open-Source on Github

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Allowing the community to contribute to the number 1 dapp marketplace

DappRadar is making more of its services open-source, now extending that to its NFT sales services. This allows community members and blockchain developers to contribute to the number 1 dapp marketplace through Github. 

DappRadar currently has multiple active repositories on Github. Through the open-source developer platform contributors can report scam tokens to a blacklist, while projects can submit their own tokens for listing in the DappRadar Portfolio. 

However, the latest repository DappRadar open-sourced, is the one for NFT Sales Adapters. This allows NFT collections or marketplaces to be integrated into the DappRadar NFT Overview. It will, for example, allow an NFT marketplace to show the number of traders, sales and NFT trading volume. At the same time, developers can add individual NFT collections as well, giving users on DappRadar insight into trading numbers, floor prices and sales of individual NFTs. DappRadar currently supports Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. 

DappRadar invites developers interested in contributing to visit DappRadar on Github. Each of the repositories offers a detailed description on how to contribute. These three repositories are currently active, and more could be added in the future.

We invite everybody to participate. In addition we invite you to our Discord, where you can reach out to the team.

Discover dapps through DappRadar

DappRadar is the number 1 dapp marketplace to discover new and trending decentralized applications. We’re building products to enable consumers to discover and participate in DeFi, NFTs, gaming and other decentralized services. The rankings give a live overview of what is trending in the blockchain space, while users can get insight in their own portfolio through the DappRadar Portfolio. In addition, DappRadar has an integrated token swap feature, allowing users to directly take action based on their research.

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