DappRadar Now Tracks Tezos Dapps

discover tezos dapps on dappradar

Find on-chain information about Tezos dapps, users, and how Tezos ranks across the blockchain ecosystem

DappRadar is excited to announce that Tezos has officially been integrated into its services, offering in-depth dapp data for the upgradable and energy-efficient network. Discover data and new dapps on the Tezos blockchain on DappRadar, the world’s leading dapp discovery platform.

Visitors to DappRadar can now discover a wide variety of dapps, dive into analytics and gain insights into the decentralized applications and their markets on Tezos. Among the listed dapps, users can explore DeFi through yield farms on Plenty, algorithmic stablecoins such as Kolibri, and an ecosystem of cross-chain wrapped tokens from Bender LabsWRAP protocol. Tezos is also home to some of the largest dapps across the crypto ecosystem including the popular NFT marketplace Hic et Nunc

Tezos is a Liquid Proof-of-Stake blockchain with on-chain governance that enables the network to deploy routine network upgrades at the speed which developers and institutions demand. Launched in 2018, the Tezos network has quickly become a popular destination for creators, developers, and corporates with over 1.3m contract calls each of the last three months of 2021, averaging over 20% of daily Ethereum transactions and growing each day. The network is the only major layer-one blockchain with on-chain governance. This has enabled Tezos to integrate critical innovations over six network upgrades from privacy tools to boosting throughput, maximizing transactions per second, and optimizing gas efficiency, creating the most advanced and complete network. 

The dapp ecosystem on Tezos is powered by developer friendly tools such as jsLigo, SmartPy, and TzGo. These tools allow developers to use popular languages javascript, python, and golang to build powerful and immutable dapps with low network costs and energy efficient design. Tezos uses 2 million times less energy than Proof-of-Work networks and has negligible gas and transaction costs. With its cheap and fast transactions, Tezos is a favorite among developers and users alike: find out why people are choosing to build on Tezos and discover Tezos on DappRadar today.  

“DappRadar is just as excited about the recent growth in the Tezos ecosystem as their community members. We believe we can provide a valuable service to the Tezos ecosystem while giving others the opportunity to discover new dapps.” – Skirmantas Januškas, CEO and co-founder of DappRadar. 

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