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Explore dapps and chain data through Rankings, the ecosystem page and project pages

DappRadar is excited to welcome Aleph Zero as the latest blockchain ecosystem to join the World’s Dapp Store. Users keen on exploring an innovative ecosystem will be excited to explore dapp and chain data for the privacy-focused Aleph Zero L1 blockchain through project pages and the DappRadar Rankings.

Web3 explorers can now dive into the DappRadar Rankings and find all kinds of dapps powered by Aleph Zero. This integration allows users to discover games and DeFi applications running on the privacy-focused L1 blockchain. DappRadar has also built the Aleph Zero ecosystem page, where users get a comprehensive overview of all the key data points. 

Aleph Zero provides a scalable, decentralized and secure blockchain infrastructure, with an additional focus on privacy enhancement. To allow for solid scalability, Aleph Zero as a platform ensures instant finality on transactions, allowing for swift processing of on-chain actions. Aleph Zero gives users ownership over personal data through smart contracts. This is particularly useful for private voting, auctions and also for DeFi protocols that cherish user privacy.

Finding wallets to use dapps on Aleph Zero

Utilizing decentralized applications on the Aleph Zero blockchain, of course requires a wallet. However, smart contracts for Aleph Zero have been built by the team behind Polkadot and WASM. This means that developers can use Substrate to create their dapps, but then utilize the unique features of Aleph Zero on top of all that. This also means that standard EVM-wallets aren’t compatible with Aleph Zero. 

Below some examples of wallets you can use:

  • Common – Common is the native wallet and Web3 tool, developed by Cardinal
  • MyCointainer – A wallet and node operator for Aleph Zero, and other ecosystems
  • SubWallet – A multi-chain wallet for Substrata-based chains
  • MetaMask Snap – A snap, or extension, for the MetaMask EVM wallet to support Aleph Zero

Try out these dapps on Aleph Zero

You can find dapps running on Aleph Zero through the DappRadar Rankings and the Aleph Zero chain page. Moreover, developers can list their projects themselves as well, growing the offering of discoverable services and games. Below we have listed a small selection of the available dapps, highlighting the diversity of projects available on Aleph Zero. 

  • Upcade – Multiplayer gaming hub with a skill-to-earn model
  • Azero ID – the first private domain name service on Aleph Zero
  • ArtZero – an NFT marketplace for digital collectibles and artworks 
  • DRKVRS – a third-person shooter with action RPG elements
  • Ink Whale – DeFi platform to create and launch tokens, stake assets and earn interest

Missing a dapp? List it now!

Developers and enthusiastic community members of the Aleph Zero ecosystem can list their projects easily on DappRadar. Join our platform, and showcase your project to our global community of Web3 and gaming enthusiasts. 

All you need to do is to make an account on our Developer Dashboard, and provide all the requested information. Projects can be listed in different stages of development, both with and without smart contracts. 

You will receive a notification once a project has been approved. By listing a project on DappRadar, you boost its visibility and increase its chance for success. Above all, you can utilize various services such as advertising, Boosting Power, and Quests to generate more visibility for your project. 

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