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Connecting The Internet-of-Things through blockchain-powered dapps

DappRadar is excited to welcome IoTeX to the number 1 dapp marketplace on the market. Users are now able to find all kinds of decentralized applications that run on IoTeX and use data from Internet-of-Things devices. 

Centralized servers often store all the data within the Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystem, but by adding blockchain solutions to the mix IoT becomes a lot more powerful. That’s where IoTeX comes into play, as the blockchain secures data gathered by IoT devices. Data gathered by for example sensors and cameras can now be stored and shared through blockchain technology, benefiting users, developers and businesses.

DappRadar already tracks a variety of dapps, and more will follow in the months and weeks to come. Users can find dapps like the reward token project Vitality, or DeFi platforms like Mimoswap and Unifi. Thanks to ioTube users can bridge their assets from IoTeX to Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. Furthermore, with StarCrazy the IoTeX blockchain also has its first NFT-powered play-to-earn game. The game launched today, so check it out!

We invite developers building on IoTeX to submit their dapps for a listing on DappRadar. Together with the IoTeX community, DappRadar is confident that IoTeX will have a bright future. We’re excited to welcome them to the number 1 dapp discovery platform on the market. Let’s connect and build together! 

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