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Immutable zkEVM games and NFTs integration DappRadar
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Discover games and game items through our rankings and NFT integration

DappRadar is excited to welcome Immutable zkEVM, allowing users to discover games and their NFTs through industry leading key metrics. Users can dive into the Rankings and discover how games perform against each other based on on-chain metrics like Unique Active Wallets and NFT trading volume. 

Immutable teamed up with Polygon to launch a zero-knowledge and EVM-compatible Layer-2 rollup on top of Ethereum. This collaboration combines the scaling architecture of Polygon with the gaming expertise and technology of Immutable. With the integration of Immutable zkEVM, blockchain gaming’s largest ecosystem of over 270+ highly funded games becomes discoverable through DappRadar, the leading platform for dapp discovery. 

Users can find projects on Immutable zkEVM through the Rankings, allowing them to filter and sort dapps based on key metrics. Every project also had its own page, providing a deepdive into the blockchain data. Because Immutable zkEVM is home to many games, and these games utilize NFTs, we also provide key information about NFT trading activities

Key features of Immutable zkEVM

As stated, Immutable zkEVM Mainnet is a blockchain ecosystem built for games. It seamlessly integrates EVM compatibility, low transaction costs, massive scaling capabilities, and is secured by Ethereum. Immutable zkEVM stands out with their consumer-oriented products including Immutable Passport and the Global Orderbook

Users can create a Passport in less than 20 seconds with familiar login methods and have a non-custodial wallet generated for them in the background, while game developers can opt-in to pay the already minimal transaction fees on behalf of their users. The result is a user-friendly and gas-free gaming experience.

At the same time Immutable zkEVM also packs lots of benefits for developers that are centered around making it easy to build great games. Immutable offers various SDKs and tools to help game developers integrate blockchain functionalities without the need to hire a team of blockchain experts. Additionally, Immutable zkEVM comes with preset smart contract templates to accelerate the developer journey, dedicated bandwidth reserved exclusively for games, and access to on-chain player analytics to optimize in-game economies. 

Games to discover on Immutable zkEVM

Dozens if not hundreds of games will find their way to Immutable zkEVM in the coming months. A total of more than 270 well funded games have already been confirmed. These projects are in various stages of development, with a majority set to launch over the next 12 months. Those who dive into the Rankings on DappRadar right now, will be able to find various highly anticipated projects, including the following: 

  • Guild of Guardians – one of the most anticipated Immutable platform games this year having attracted 1M+ pre registrations ahead of release in Q2 2024. 
  • Shardbound – a fantasy strategy game that combines card-based and board-based gameplay elements.
  • MetalCore – an sci-fi battlefield where players compete against each other using futuristic weaponry and giant mechs.
  • Treeverse one of the most anticipated Web3-native mobile MMORPGs in development right now.
  • Gods Unchained – the leading trading card game that recently also released on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Missing a projects? List it now!

Developers and enthusiastic community members of the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem can list their projects easily on DappRadar. Join our platform, and showcase your project to our global community of Web3 and gaming enthusiasts. 

All you need to do is to make an account on our Developer Dashboard, and provide all the requested information. Projects can be listed in different stages of development, both with and without smart contracts. 

You will receive a notification once a project has been approved. By listing a project on DappRadar, you boost its visibility and increase its chance for success. You can also use the Quest platform to grow your community, and generate even more visibility for your project.

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