DappRadar Now Tracks Dapps on OKExChain

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High performance, low gas fees, EVM-compatible

DappRadar, the number 1 dapp discovery platform on the market, is delighted to announce that it now supports and tracks OKExChain. Dapp developers can now submit their OKExChain dapps for listing on DappRadar, making data visible and allowing users and developers to understand the performance of a decentralized application.

OKExChain is backed by OKEx, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. However, OKExChain hosts decentralized applications with their own tokens and unique mechanics. The blockchain offers games, collectibles, DeFi protocols, with more on the horizon. Thanks to its EVM-compatability, low gas fees and high transaction throughput, OKExChain positions itself to be part of the multi-chain paradigm.   

Starting from October 14th visitors of DappRadar can discover a wide variety of OKExChain dapps on the OKExChain Rankings. Here visitors can discover more details about unique active wallets, transactions, and transaction volumes. At launch DappRadar tracks data from 11 dapps, and more dapps will get listed over time. 

Let’s take a look at some of the dapps listed on DappRadar:

  • CherrySwap — An automatic market-making DeFi protocol, similar to other AMM services on other blockchains: provide liquidity, farm tokens or start swapping assets. 
  • Celestial– Those who are more into gamified experiences can take a look at Celestial. Here players need to acquire a spaceship to colonize, collect resources and earn CELT tokens. 
  • WePiggy — A lending market protocol also active on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. Deposit token assets and earn interest. 
  • Jswap – An AMM-based DEX on OKExChain (OEC), offering token swapping, liquidity mining, IFO services and a bridge.
  • BXH — With BXH the OEC ecosystem offers a DeFi protocol with AI-powered yield farming. The platform already serves users on HECO and BSC. 

Visit the OKExChain Rankings page here

Introduction into OKExChain and OKT token

OKExChain is an EVM-compatible public blockchain that offers low gas fees and supports over 10.000 transactions per second. Thanks to these characteristics, OKExChain becomes a solid alternative for Ethereum yet still maintains its connection thanks to its EVM-compatibility. Gas fees cost less than $0.01 per transaction, making the network a great alternative within the wider blockchain ecosystem.

Central to this blockchain is the OKT token, native to the OEC ecosystem. These tokens give users voting rights, staking opportunities, and utility in a variety of DeFi, NFT, and GameFi products. The OKT token follows the KIP-20 standard, a token standard for the OEC ecosystem that’s compatible with Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. 

In addition, the network offers dual addresses, allowing users to have one private key generate an address starting with “ex” and one with ”0x”. Users interacting with OKExChain using Metamask, will only be able to use their 0x address. However, the two addresses share their balance.

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