DappRadar Now Tracks Dapps on Internet Computer Protocol

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Discover dapps on ICP through the Rankings on DappRadar

DappRadar is excited to welcome ICP, Internet Computer Protocol, to the World’s Dapp Store, allowing thousands of Web3 users to discover dapps through rankings and project pages. Every user can now rely on verifiable on-chain metrics to find, track and explore dapps on the Internet Computer Protocol.

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a blockchain network aimed at bringing greater efficiency, speed and decentralization to computation and data storage. Positioned to improve the existing internet, ICP is built to allow anybody to deploy dapps through a simple interface. 

The network is decentralized, and does not rely on centralized cloud computing services, databases or web servers. Moreover, ICP utilizes sharing of smart contracts to increase performance and security alike. This makes every service on the Internet Computer much more scalable. 

DappRadar now tracks dapps on the Internet Computer and their smart contracts, allowing users to discover projects through industry leading metrics. 

Key features of ICP, the Internet Computer Protocol

Where various blockchain ecosystems rely on just a few programming languages, Internet Computer allows developers to utilize existing ones. Languages like Python, Rust, TypeScript and even Solidity are supported. Moreover, the network supports direct interoperability with other blockchains, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon and soon also Solana. ICP smart contracts can read and write to and from different chains, allowing developers to create omni-chain and cross-chain applications. 

ICP also supports the ability for smart contracts to pay for their own services, making the user experience seamless. Moreover, this allows for smart contract interactions without the use of wallets. Individual dapps create subnets on top of the mainnet, which improves speed and scalability. Importantly, ICP not only supports smart contracts but also data storage, allowing the network to provide a full tech stack for building blockchain applications. 

Dapps on Internet Computer 

To start with, DappRadar has listed the follow decentralized applications on the Internet Computer: 

  • OpenChat – a complete, end-to-end on-chain chat application with SocialFi functionality.
  • Dmail Network – an AI-powered decentralized messaging infrastructure for encrypted emails, unified notifications and targeted marketing campaigns. 

To use these dapps, you can use Oisy Wallet. This in-browser wallet does not require users to install browser extensions, therefore making it a safe solution. In addition, the wallet supports the Ethereum network as well, underlining ICP’s capabilities to perform cross-chain actions.

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