DappRadar Now Tracks Dapps on HECO Chain

dappradar heco chain

Users gain insight on user numbers and transaction volumes

DappRadar, the world’s dapp store, is delighted to announce that we now have integrated HECO Chain, a decentralized and energy efficient public blockchain. Visitors to DappRadar can now learn more details about various dapps, diving into actual user data straight from the HECO ecosystem.

HECO stands for Huobi Eco Chain, an energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol that supports 500 transactions per second. Because the blockchain is EVM compatible, existing teams from the Ethereum ecosystem can deploy their dapps swiftly on HECO.  

Visitors can discover DeFi dapps like Mdex, Coinwind and WePiggy on the HECO blockchain, each of them already existing on other blockchains like BSC and Polygon as well. With ButterSwap and Same Finance the HECO ecosystem also boasts native DeFi services. 

DappRadar is the world’s dapp store where developers can submit their dapps, while DappRadar makes data insightful. Visitors can use that data to make well-informed decisions and step into the world of dapps on HECO. We invite everybody to discover dapps in the HECO ecosystem and visit the DappRadar Rankings.

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