DappRadar Now Tracks Apps and NFTs on XRP Ledger

DappRadar Now Tracks Dapps and NFTs on XRP Ledger
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Discover dapps available on the XRP Ledger, and submit your project to the World’s Dapp Store

DappRadar is pleased to announce the integration of the XRP Ledger (XRPL), broadening our coverage of the Web3 ecosystem. The community can now access valuable data and insights on apps within the XRPL ecosystem, tracking their performance and trends using key metrics. Additionally, developers on XRPL can leverage DappRadar to showcase their projects to a wider audience, enhancing visibility and user engagement.

What is the XRP Ledger?

The XRP Ledger is an open source, energy efficient, and decentralized public blockchain tailor-made for businesses and led by a global community of innovative developers. Known for its open, peer-to-peer network, XRPL facilitates swift and secure transactions, making it accessible to everyone.

Initially built for payments using its native token, XRP, the XRP Ledger has evolved significantly over time with capabilities around tokenization, settlement, and liquidity to enable a broad array of decentralized apps.

Dive into the world of the XRP Ledger and discover its potential for apps and NFTs.

The XRP Ledger apps and NFTs on DappRadar

Exploring the XRP Ledger through DappRadar provides unique insights into its dynamic landscape, filled with a variety of apps and NFT collections. Check out our rankings and filter options to discover top-performing apps and NFT collections on the XRP Ledger.

Top XRP Ledger Dapps DappRadar Ranking

Our integration with the XRP Ledger allows users to track and analyze the performance of apps within the ecosystem. Whether you are interested in DeFi, gaming, or other decentralized applications, our platform provides comprehensive data to help you make informed decisions.

Furthermore, now you’re also able to explore the XRP Ledger NFT space. Discover trending collections and marketplaces, analyze market trends, and find hidden gems within this vibrant community.

Top NFT Collections on XRP Ledger

Submit your XRP Ledger apps to DappRadar

Are you a developer or creator within the XRP Ledger ecosystem? Showcase your app or NFT collection to the world by submitting it to DappRadar. Join our platform and connect with a global community of Web3 enthusiasts eager to explore and engage with your project.

Simply navigate to our Developer Dashboard, register for a DappRadar account, fill out the required information, and submit your application. Once approved, your app or NFT collection will be visible to users worldwide, boosting your project’s visibility and potential for success.

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