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DappRadar is happy to announce the integration of the Oasis Network and its dapp ecosystem. DappRadar’s 1 million monthly site visitors can now analyze which dapps attract the most trading volume, unique user wallets, or process the most transactions through the Oasis Network dapp rankings. This way, everybody can understand which dapps and tokens build solid communities and value on Oasis.

To celebrate, DappRadar and Oasis are launching an exclusive accelerator program to find ambitious dapp developer teams from within the DappRadar community and support them in creating native dapps on Oasis. The selected groups will get a grant of up to $50,000 in ROSE, the Oasis Network’s token. In addition, these developers get the opportunity to launch their project with the Oasis Foundation and DappRadar’s direct support. 

The teams who successfully deploy their Dapp to Oasis Network will have the opportunity for further investment from the $200 Million Oasis Ecosystem Fund on Pitch Day which culminates the accelerator program. Find out more about the accelerator program here. 

Oasis Network Dapp Rankings 

At launch, DappRadar will track four dapps on the Oasis Network. MetaMirror is the only dapp not in the DeFi category and looks to unify digital and physical assets to provide a crucial foundation of the Metaverse. Using MetaMirror users can turn Web 2.0 data into Web 3.0 data assets, and get paid for their contributions. 

Oasis Network

YuzuSwap, currently the leading dapp on Oasis, follows a non-custodial, peer-to-peer, automated-market-maker model and aims to provide a safe, fast, low-cost tool to discover and swap tokens within the Oasis ecosystem. DuneSwap is another token swapping platform with a native token, DUNE, which can be earned by farming and staking on DuneSwap. 

Tulip is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the price of ROSE, the native token of the Oasis network. Inspired by the concept behind tomb finance and its predecessors, Tulip money is a multi-token protocol that consists of three tokens with several ways for users to earn and generate rewards. 

For Dapp Developers

As mentioned, the DappRadar x Oasis accelerator program is launching. We invite developers with projects already underway and solid ideas to apply for the funding and support available through the accelerator program. 

Suppose you already run and manage a dapp on the Oasis network. In that case, we encourage you to add the dapp to the rankings using the self-submission form, gaining exposure to the one million-plus monthly site visitors on DappRadar. 

Why Build on Oasis Network? 

Oasis Network separates consensus and execution into two layers — the Consensus Layer and The ParaTime Layer — for better scalability and increased versatility. Separation of consensus and execution allows multiple ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning complex workloads processed on one ParaTime won’t slow down faster, more straightforward transactions on another. Moreover, the network’s unique system of discrepancy detection makes Oasis more efficient than sharding and parachains — requiring a smaller replication factor for the same level of security. 

Oasis Network is scalable and ideal for DeFi due to its instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, high throughput, privacy protection, and defense against MEV. 

Emerald,  the Oasis EVM compatible ParaTime on the Oasis Network, allows for full EVM compatibility, easy integration with EVM-based dapps, such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and crypto gaming, and features a cross-chain bridge to enable cross-chain interoperability

Additionally, Oasis is also the first network to support confidential smart contracts. The Oasis Eth/WASI Runtime is an open-source example of a confidential ParaTime that uses secure enclaves to keep data private while being processed. The Oasis Network has a thriving community of thousands of node operators, developers, enterprise partners, ambassadors, and community members globally.

Oasis has several exciting projects being built on the network, including the CryptoSafe Alliance with Binance, Nebula Genomics, Genetica, BMW, and more. Alongside its rapidly growing ecosystem of DeFi partners, Oasis represents a solid choice for dapp developers looking to build DeFi, Play-2-Earn gaming, and privacy solutions.

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