DappRadar Now Tracking Dapps on Telos Blockchain

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DappRadar is delighted to announce that Telos has been integrated into its services, taking the number of tracked blockchains on the world’s leading dapp discovery platform to 19. Visitors can find detailed insight into dapp data from the Telos blockchain. Initially, DappRadar will track 12 dapps as part of the integration, and more will come in the months to come.

Telos is a delegated proof-of-stake blockchain network with scalable and EVM compatible smart contracts. All dapps on Telos operate at high speed and without transaction costs. Because of the integration DappRadar visitors can discover a wide variety of dapps. They can also dive into analytics and gain insights into the decentralized applications and their markets on Telos.

“DappRadar is excited about a future where decentralized applications are used all around us. That future starts with blockchain solutions that offer interoperability and scalability solutions. That’s why we are excited to integrate Telos into our dapp ecosystem, emphasizing that DappRadar truly is the biggest dapp marketplace and discovery platform in the world.” – Skirmantas Januškas, CEO and co-founder of DappRadar.  

Thanks to the blockchain structure used on Telos, the network can process 10,000 transactions per second. Other projects can run their own sidechains on Telos as well, increasing the capacity significantly. 

Integrating Telos is the logical step, because DappRadar believes in a multi-chain future. Blockchain services like Telos that allow an easy deployment of EVM-compatible dapps have a bright future. Enthusiasts can now find all kinds of Telos dapps on DappRadar, because the best dapp discovery marketplace now tracks data from 12 dapps. In addition they will add more in the coming weeks. You can also visit the DappRadar Rankings page and discover which dapps are trending.

Developers can add their own dapps to DappRadar through the Developer Portal.

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