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DappRadar has successfully integrated NEAR Protocol into its services. Visitors can now get detailed insight into on-chain dapp data on the NEAR blockchain. Initially, eight dapps are part of the integration, and more will be added in the weeks, months, and years to come. 

NEAR is a new blockchain platform utilizing a developer-friendly, sharded, proof-of-stake public blockchain that aspires to make it easy for developers to build decentralized applications or dapps. Visitors of DappRadar can discover dapps, dive into analytics and gain insights into the NFT and DeFi markets.

After raising $21 million from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), NEAR Protocol is just getting started. Integrating into DappRadar is the logical step, allowing enthusiasts to discover dapps on NEAR. DappRadar now tracks data from eight dapps, and more will launch in the coming weeks. 

The following dapps are now listed and tracked:

  • NEARPixels – Near Pixel Party is an NFT based game with a total supply of only 600 tokens.
  • NEARNames – A fun app that lets users gift NEAR accounts to anyone.
  • Ref Finance – A community-led, multi-purpose decentralized finance (DeFi) platform.
  • Rainbow Bridge – Allows developers to transfer Ethereum assets and smart contracts to NEAR.
  • Berry Club – The first yield farming app on NEAR.
  • Sputnik DAO – Providing the Infrastructure to create funding and team DAOs.
  • Pulse – An open-source app for prediction markets built on the Flux Protocol.
  • Paras – An all-in-one, social, digital collectibles marketplace for creators and collectors.
  • Flux – Prediction market

You can also visit the NEAR dapp rankings, and discover which dapps are trending.

Source: DappRadar’s NEAR Rankings

Learn more about NEAR

NEAR provides a community-operated cloud-based infrastructure for deploying and running dapps by combining features of a decentralized database with a serverless computing platform. With a focus on providing solutions to the two core problems of today’s blockchains — usability and scalability. The platform is also designed to easily store unique digital assets, for example, NFTs, created on the NEAR platform. Learn more about the NEAR blockchain by reading: What is NEAR: A Simple Explanation

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