DappRadar Now Tracking Dapps on Harmony Blockchain

DappRadar Now Tracking Dapps on Harmony Blockchain

Leading dapp discovery platform integrates cross-chain blockchain ecosystem

The number one dapp marketplace DappRadar has integrated Harmony Protocol in its services. This integration fits DappRadar’s vision for a multichain future, as Harmony wants to become the one bridge that connects all blockchains.  

Immediately at launch, DappRadar tracks 15 dapps in the Harmony ecosystem, giving consumers insight into individual dapps. Users of the dapp discovery platform can use the Harmony Rankings to easily see which dapps have seen the most activity in the past 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. 

Integrating Harmony makes sense, as the ecosystem has seen significant growth over the past month. The DaVinci NFT Marketplace is relatively new, but saw its user base grow 212% over the past 30 days. With ViperSwap and SonicSwap the ecosystem has growing DeFi protocols, while DeFi Kingdoms is the first GameFi product.

It goes without saying that DappRadar is excited to welcome Harmony. Visitors of the website are invited to deepdive into their ecosystem using the DappRadar Rankings

What is special about Harmony

Harmony is fully EVM compatible, making it very easy to move Ethereum dapps to their ecosystem. Dapps run on the blockchain with 2-second transaction finality, and fees that are 100 times lower. Users can smoothly move their assets using secure bridges from Harmony to other blockchains, for example Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

However, the blockchain’s interoperability goes a lot further than EVM compatibility. Harmony wants their solution to be interoperable with different Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Firstly the FlyClient cross-chain solution supports Bitcoin, and it brings Wrapped BTC (wBTC) to Harmony. In addition, a bridge with Polkadot allows developers on Harmony to use Polkadot’s WebAssembly and para-chain tooling by extension.

Check out these dapps:

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