DappRadar Now Supports DFK Chain Tracking

DappRadar Now Supports DFK Chain Tracking
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With DappRadar, users can now easily stay on top of user activities on DFK Chain, the blockchain by DeFi Kingdoms.

DappRadar is excited to announce the integration of the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain, or DFK Chain. With DappRadar Ranking analytics, users can understand how many unique user wallets are attracted to dapps on the blockchain, transactions processed, and volume generated. In addition, the tool provides users with data-driven information that helps them gain a comprehensive insight into dapps and blockchain sustainability.  

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is a cross-chain, play-to-earn game built on a robust DeFi protocol. The game plans to evolve into a full-fledged MMORPG in the later stages of the Roadmap, bringing action-packed fantasy adventure to users.

DeFi Kingdoms is a game with DeFi and NFT woven into a dynamic ecosystem. The game features DEXs, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs, which create an immersive online world with nostalgic pixel art. 

What is DFK Chain?

Since its launch in August 2021, DeFi Kingdoms has taken the crypto-gaming space by storm. The game pushed the trading volume to a single-day high of $3 million in less than a month after launch. 

On March 30, 2022, DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale was launched. It also released its own DFK Chain for DeFi Kingdoms, leveraging Avalanche subnet technology as its first ecosystem expansion. 

DFK Chain is an independent, fully functional decentralized network with a unique business model underneath. As the project moved into the Crystalvale realm, the DFK Chain evolved into a gaming-focused network. It intends to attract any project seeking high performance, excellent user experience infrastructure to build on. Currently, several dapps have already landed on DFKChain, with more to come.

With the migration of the Serendale realm, DeFi Kingdoms has adopted new tokenomics to create an even more vibrant ecosystem.

JEWEL acts as the main token of value in the metaverse game, giving it utility above and beyond that of a regular coin. First, JEWEL is used for paying gas on the DFK Chain. Moreover, JEWEL holders can participate in liquidity pools, single staking as well as governance. 

Holders of locked JEWEL will receive an equivalent amount in a breakdown of JEWEL, CRYSTAL, and JADE. The latter two are new power tokens introduced to upgrade the in-game economy of DeFi Kingdoms.

Track DFK Chain with DappRadar

After the launch of Crystalvale, it took DeFi Kingdoms just six weeks to average approximately one million daily transactions. Notably, DFK Chain has generated over 226 million transactions since its launch, with daily transactions currently approaching 2 million.

In addition, nearly 50,000 active wallets are interacting with DFK Chain in real time. Thanks to the blockchain’s instant finality, these wallets can enjoy outstanding transaction completion in less than 1.5s.

The DFK Chain is poised to take the DeFi Kingdoms user experience to new heights. If you want to keep up with this booming ecosystem, use the DappRadar tracking.

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