DappRadar’s new data export option

Export, upload and start crunching

DappRadar has recently added the option to export user and volume data for all tracked dapps across custom (or lifetime) time periods.

One option is to download a graphical representation of the data — useful for tweeting and other social media interactions. More significant, however, for users interested in performing data analysis is the option to download the data in CSV format.

This can then be imported and crunched within your spreadsheet of choice to calculate additional data points, most notably the dapps’ average token volume per user per day.

The following video shows how to perform this using the example of Ethereum dapp game Battle Racers, which is currently running an NFT pre-sale before the game launches alongside the Decentraland virtual world.

Of course, exporting the data for multiple dapps within the same category provides the opportunity for competitive analysis; something that could be extending to more detailed product analysis across dapp categories and perhaps even across different blockchains too.

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