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Matic Network

Keep up-to-date with dapps running on Matic via DappRadar’s ranking list

In an era of very high gas prices, many Ethereum dapps are looking to move to more scalable technologies such as Matic Network.

An adapted version of Ethereum’s Plasma framework, Matic uses proof of stake side chains to enable fast transactions – blocks only take a couple of seconds to close – matched with minimal gas fees.

Crucially, Matic also provides users with the ability to move assets back to Ethereum when its security and composability are required. 

These features are particularly relevant for games, which have suffered a more than 90% reduction in their daily activity since gas fees first exploded in May. 

One example of the advantages offered by Matic can be seen by looking at the data from the game 0xUniverse. 

On Ethereum, a mere 116 unique wallets have interacted with the game over the past 30 days, while on Matic, the total is 1,290.

In this way, it’s obvious to see that the majority of 0xUniverse’s playerbase has moved from Ethereum to Matic since the option was added back in August.

Indeed, of the 19 dapps running on Matic that are currently being tracked by DappRadar, the largest sector is Games, with eight tracked dapps. The next most popular category currently on Matic is DeFi, with six dapps.

And many more developers have signed up to use Matic so we expect the list of tracked dapps – and their activity – to expand significantly in the coming months.

You can keep up-to-date with dapps running on the Matic Network via DappRadar’s ranking list, or get more information about integrating Matic via its website

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