DappRadar Introduces Improved Portfolio and NFT Trading

dappradar portfolio upgrade

Users can oversee and manage their DeFi and NFT portfolio on DappRadar

DappRadar unveiled the latest iteration of its flagship Portfolio Tracker. The upgrade features new NFT valuation and trading functionalities complemented by a refreshed user interface, and builds on the company’s market data and existing digital asset management tools, including its recently launched Token Swap. This makes DappRadar into a one-stop shop to oversee, manage and grow digital asset holdings.  

The Portfolio Tracker launched originally in September 2020 to give DappRadar users an overview of their DeFi holdings. However, it has since evolved into a sophisticated financial analytics tool. Users gain insight into their DeFi, and NFT portfolio, but also their token holdings. Furthermore, users can take action directly from their portfolio page on DappRadar.

Notably, the upgrade focuses heavily on NFT valuation, and trading. Non-fungible token holdings are valued via a machine learning algorithm combining current and historical prices from various sources to ensure accurate NFT price estimation. The addition of an NFT Value Estimator tool also allows users to check the estimated value of individual NFTs. DappRadar now tracks more than 1,000 NFT collections.

The latest version of the Portfolio Tracker fuses several existing DappRadar features together into a single, easy-to-use hub. Think about the ability the swap tokens, across the most liquid decentralized exchanges on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. But also the ability list your NFTs for sale on OpenSea.

The third iteration of the DappRadar Portfolio is just a first step. In the weeks and months to come, users will discover many updates, including some exciting new features. Go to the Portfolio page, connect your wallet and gain new insight into your DeFi and NFT holdings.

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