DappRadar Integrates Immutable X, Ethereum’s L2 for Scaling NFTs

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20+ dapps including Gods Unchained, VeVe and Guild of Guardians

DappRadar is happy to announce that Immutable X is the latest blockchain platform to become part of the World’s Dapp Store. Visitors to DappRadar can now track dapps on Immutable X, while getting better insight in the performance of product categories or individual dapps. 

Immutable X, created by Immutable in partnership with StarkWare, is the first and leading layer-2 scaling solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to transfer NFTs without having to worry about gas fees (there are none) and their impact on the environment, while not leaving Ethereum’s vibrant ecosystem. Plus, Immutable X directly inherits Ethereum’s battle-tested security, differentiating its scaling solution from competitors that often rely on their own network nodes.

Since its mainnet launch in April 2021, Immutable X has seen impressive growth and has attracted various games, NFT collections, marketplaces and other projects, including TikTok, OpenSea, Illuvium, ESL Gaming and more. Initially DappRadar will track 26 dapps, and more will follow in the weeks and months to come. Developers can independently submit their dapps through the Developer Dashboard.

With the trading card game Gods Unchained, the Immutable X ecosystem is home to one of the most popular gaming dapps on the market. Furthermore, the upcoming mobile game Guild of Guardians is highly anticipated and already sees lots of NFT trading activity. A variety of NFT collectible collections already finds traction, while Immutable X also partnered with the VeVe marketplace recently.

Learn more about Immutable X at www.immutable.com 

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