Fourth DappRadar Community Call – highlights

fourth dappradar community call - highlights
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Staking V2, RADAR token, new mobile app, marketing and content strategy, and DAO updates

On Wednesday 20th July, DappRadar used its fourth Community Call to tell its users about everything the company has done in the past month. We’ve updated our Cross-Chain Staking protocol and our product team continues to pass milestones. Our content and marketing strategies are headed in new directions and our DAO is aiming for full decentralization.     

The Call features updates from CEO Skirmantas Januškas, our CDO Dragos Dunica, Product Owner Nick Rennie, Head of Content Robert Hoogendoorn, VP in Marketing Inan Aksoy, and DAO Leader Nathan Vandy. Your host is Ian Kane. Topics include updates on the RADAR token and DappRadar’s new mobile app. We also have an upcoming week-long event in August where participants can win rewards.

DappRadar Community Call #4 highlights

  • 1:42 – Skirmantas Januškas and Dragos Dunica discuss Cross-Chain Staking V2. The upgrade makes the wallet signing process smoother and users can now stake with hardware wallets. They also speak about how the Boosting function works.
  • 6:59 – Skirmantas and Dragos talk about the RADAR tokens and the new things holders can do with them. They also explain the new platforms that DappRadar is partnering with to introduce liquidity pools and incentives. 
  • 11:35 – Nick Rennie tells us about the redesigned Single Dapp Page and the upgraded Rankings tables. There is a brand new mobile-native app. POAPs, UI updates, authentication journeys, gamification all feature in the product roadmap.
  • 17:30 – Robert Hoogendoorn recognizes that the DappRadar community wants more education and insights from the experts at DappRadar. The content team will focus more on DappRadar’s tools and how people can use them on their journey through web3.
  • 21:38 – Inan Askoy speaks about the marketing department’s plans to engage more with users to get a better understanding of what they want from DappRadar. DappRadar is expanding its social media channels to TikTok and Instagram. And a new event called Dapp Days is coming up in August.
  • 27:50 – Dragos Dunica and Nathan Vandy discuss the plans for DappRadar’s DAO. Holders of RADAR can vote on decisions that affect the development of DappRadar products. The big goal is to move to a decentralized organization where the community has as much say in decisions as the CEO does. 
  • 35:32 – Question and Answer session begins. The team answered questions about:
    • Hardware wallet staking. 
    • Plans to expand the number of blockchains included in cross-chain staking.
    • The possibility of a DappRadar NFT marketplace.
    • Future centralized exchange listings.
    • Implementation of NFT staking for extra rewards.
    • DappRadar’s plans to stay ahead of the competition.
    • How the current bear market has affected DappRadar’s financial planning.

More about DappRadar’s Cross-Chain Staking

DappRadar introduced Cross-Chain Staking in June. It allows users to stake their RADAR tokens on one blockchain and harvest the yield on another. It’s the first of its kind in the world and shows that DappRadar is leading the way in bringing interoperability to web3.

Try it out for yourself and start harvesting your own RADAR right now.

DappRadar’s Community Call #4
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