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A anonymous communication channel for RADAR token holders

DappRadar is partnering with EtherMail to give Web3 natives an anonymous way to connect with DappRadar DAO and the RADAR token economy. Sign up now to EtherMail, follow DappRadar, and get free limited-time access to DappRadar PRO through DappRadar Quests. 

DappRadar and EtherMail now work together to give RADAR community members an anonymous way to stay in-the-know with all things surrounding DappRadar DAO, DappRadar and the RADAR token.

By making an account on EtherMail, users get an email address based on their crypto wallet address. This means that wallet owners can connect with projects based on the contents of their wallet, while not having to manage separate email accounts across various email providers. 

The best way to start the journey is through the new EtherMail quest in the Quest hub, but you can also find our community landing page on EtherMail. 

What does EtherMail do? 

EtherMail allows users to send emails by connecting the service to their crypto wallet. The platform then allows users to sign up and follow various projects, or receive communications from projects behind tokens or NFTs in their wallet. 

What is DappRadar’s RADAR Community Newsletter? 

This newsletter gives you insights into new and upcoming DappRadar products. In addition it covers new PRO membership features, and news surrounding the RADAR token

We will use this newsletter to inform our token holders about the latest developments. But of course, those interested – and without any tokens – can still subscribe and get all the insights. 

What about that PRO membership? 

This EtherMail x DappRadar promotion comes with a special NFT, which gives holders PRO access for a limited time. Simply complete the quest, and you will receive an NFT.

DappRadar will distribute NFT PRO memberships to those who complete the quest here on DappRadar. These membership gives the holders complete access to PRO, but only for a limited time.

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