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DappRadar EOS EVM blockchain integration
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Discover dapps available on EOS EVM, and utilize DappRadar’s service to stay in the know

DappRadar is excited to welcome EOS EVM to its platform. Web3 users can find dapps built on EOS EVM in the Rankings, or dive into individual dapps through their respective product pages. Through DappRadar the EOS EVM community gets access to data-empowered tools to explore, evaluate and discover all kinds of dapps. 

What is EOS EVM?

The EOS EVM blockchain is governed by the EOS token holders, and built on top of the EOS native base layer. EOS EVM makes the network compatible with other EVM blockchain ecosystems, such as Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon. 

Thanks to EOS EVM, dapps running on Ethereum can now also deploy within the EOS ecosystem. The network, which launched its mainnet in April 2023, allows developers to deploy Solidity smart contracts, while combining that with functionalities of the EOS base layer.

It offers all the features developers are used to from Ethereum, with the speed and compatibility of the EOS base layer. Developers can use EOS EVM to take advantage of the open-source code, tooling, libraries and SDKs for Ethereum. 

How do gas fees work on EOS EVM?

While the EOS base layer provides an environment where users stake EOS to facilitate gas fees, EOS EVM requires gas fees like every other EVM chain. Users pay gas fees on EOS EVM from their own wallet, which then transmit to the EOS base layer to execute the necessary actions. 

Dapps on EOS EVM

DappRadar is the go-to destination for developers, looking to put their dapp in the market. Listing an EOS EVM dapp on DappRadar is free, and through the DappRadar API all listed dapps reach partners and API customers across the globe. 

Among the first EOS EVM dapps listed on DappRadar, we find the following projects:

  • PlayZap Games – a casual gaming platform that already attracts 24,000 UAW per month
  • MotoDex – a racing game that attracts 144,000 UAW per month
  • Noah – A decentralized exchange built on top of EOS EVM
  • EVM Name Service – Buy your own EOS EVM blockchain domain name
  • EOS EVM Trustless Bridge – move tokens to and from EOS EVM

Submit your EOS EVM dapps to DappRadar

DappRadar welcomes EOS EVM dapp developers to submit their applications with us. By doing so, projects can leverage our platform as a central hub for users to discover dapps and enhance your project’s visibility. This is all free of charge, and benefits your marketing efforts. 

Start listing your dapps on the DappRadar Developer Hub.

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