DappRadar Enters The HodlGod Battle Arena

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Unique partnership to offer useful NFTs filled with VOID tokens

DappRadar and Onessus have partnered to launch a unique set of HodlGod NFTs filled with VOID tokens. The sale will start on July 27th. Five robotic body parts combine into a powerful robot, the collectible NFT set also comes with amazing benefits. 

In an amazing partnership with Onessus, DappRadar is proud to enter the universe of HodlGod. Great craftsmanship combined with the power of blockchain technology, will bring an awesome NFT collectible to the Wax blockchain: the DR-1.

The NFT sale will take place on July 27th at 2 pm EST, which’s 6 pm UTC and lasts only 2 hours. NFT collectors can already find the NFT sale page on Atomic Hub.

Initially collectors will buy NTTs, or Non-Tradeable Tokens. These are watermarked artworks, representing the right to receive the real NFT later that evening. NTTs can’t be traded. This ensures the sale isn’t disrupted by NFT flippers. Once all NFTs have been distributed, collectors can start trading. 

Bonus rewards for set holders

The DR-1 set consists of 5 different NFTs: torso, left arm, right arm, legs, and an energy orb. Holders of the complete set will be rewarded with the full DR-1 robot. Users who hold on to the completed set, which are the 5 NFTs and the battle robot, will be eligible for another bonus NFT soon. 

The range of rewards goes even further, as hodlers of the complete set, the DR-1 NFT and the first airdrop NFT, will receive another special NFT. There will be two snapshots at two different times to determine who receives which rewards.

Economically beneficiary 

These 5 NFTs are each filled with VOID tokens. NFT owners can always decide to burn their NFT, and they will receive VOID tokens instead. These VOID tokens are the main currency for the battle game HodlGod. The amount of VOID tokens the NFT owner will receive, is equal to the dollar value spent on the NFT. So a $250 NFT will give $250 worth of VOID tokens.

Even if users don’t own the entire set, they can still use their NFT in the upcoming Onessus VOID staking platform. This way the NFT would provide passive income paid in the native VOID token. In addition, the platform will offer NFT lending options as well as a whole range of other services. Onessus recently published their whitepaper for VOID.

What is HodlGod

HodlGod is an NFT-powered battle arena game. Players combat each other in an arena, in an effort to leave the match with rewards. For example, there’s a mode wherein a rare NFT can spawn during a battle. But only the last player standing can take the NFT home. The game also offers the option to compete for crypto bounties. 

Gameplay-wise HodlGod reminds us a bit of the classic arena FPS games, like Quake III Arena and Halo. However, competitors play this game from a third-person perspective instead. HodlGod offers fast-paced gameplay and has strong fantasy elements. 

The NFT sale will happen on Atomic Hub.

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