DappRadar Partners with Decentralized Infrastructure Network

DappRadar x DIN Decentralized Infrastructure Network
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Building a public infrastructure for an improved internet that’s always available and reliable

DappRadar is excited to announce that we’ve become a partner of the Decentralized Infrastructure Network. Together with Infura, Tencent Cloud, Google, Microsoft, and more, DappRadar will work towards a future where decentralized services are available to all. 

The initial round of 18 Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN) partners were announced in November 2023. With the addition of DappRadar and others, the consortium now consists of 60 companies. 

All partners in the DIN

The team at DappRadar believes in a decentralized and multi-chain future. But decentralization isn’t just a passion, it’s a necessity to guarantee the future of a more open internet. Through the process of progressive decentralization we empower our community via the DappRadar DAO, which governs the World’s Dapp Store through the RADAR token. Furthermore, the DappRadar platform tracks blockchain applications across 60+ chains. 

DIN explained

Initiated by Infura and 50+ DIN Providers, the consortium works together to build a public infrastructure for an improved internet, which begins with the Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN). DIN is a decentralized RPC-as-a-service that provides developers with highly-available and reliable blockchain infrastructure.

Through DIN developers can connect to Ethereum and other top-tier blockchains, including the recently integrated Layer-2 network Blast. Thanks to DIN, users can shift RPC traffic from one partner to another. This is particularly useful in case an RPC is dealing with an outage. Decentralization of this service is required in order to guarantee a public good network that can serve as a foundational layer for the improved internet. 

DappRadar and DIN

DappRadar’s efforts in decentralization of existing organizations and topnotch expertise in the Web3 industry has not gone unnoticed. We hope to contribute our expertise to the design and implementation of DIN.

DappRadar has 6 years of experience, offering services to the most dedicated Web3 users. In addition, our PRO community members are among the most blockchain savvy users in the ecosystem. Our expertise will help to shape DIN into a decentralized, public infrastructure for all blockchain users. 

These are just the first steps of the partnership between DappRadar and DIN, and future steps could also involve technical support, community building and marketing. Together we aim to bring more services, innovations, and value to the Web3 community. 

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