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Custom Alerts update announcement
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The next step into creating 100% personalized notifications based on on-chain data

After launching Alerts last year, DappRadar has now introduced the second iteration of Custom Alerts. Web3 explorers can create custom alerts based on on-chain activity for different chains and product categories. 

DappRadar’s first version of Alerts allowed users to receive notifications about new dapps and news NFT collections listed on DappRadar. Now, we’re excited to introduce custom alerts that allow users to receive notifications based on a change in metrics in the product categories or blockchain ecosystems they choose. 

How do Custom Alerts work? 

In a few simple steps, users can create their own custom alerts and receive notifications through Telegram, Discord or on-site notifications.

  1. First, select the type of Alert you want to create 
  2. Now give it a name
  3. Then select the blockchains (only PRO can pick multiple)
  4. Followed by the dapp category 
  5. After that, you set the triggers of the Alert (only PRO can use multiple triggers)
  6. And you indicate where and how often you want to receive your notifications (only PRO can receive notifications on Telegram or Discord)
Showcase which options to Select to create Custom Alerts - screenshot Sept 2023

Benefits for PRO users

DappRadar PRO users receive all kinds of benefits, allowing them to catch all the changes in every trend. Moreover, PRO members can set unlimited alerts across every many chains, using various notification frequencies. Being PRO really allows Web3 explorers to create the best Alerts. 

The benefits for PRO members when creating Custom Alerts on DappRadar

What else is coming to Alerts?

Right now you can set Alerts for certain blockchains and product categories. In the near future, we will allow users to create Alerts based on individual dapps.

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