DappRadar Community Votes in Favor of Extended Yield Farming

dappradar community vote yield farming RADAR

Earn RADAR for an extra three months on SushiSwap

The DappRadar Community has voted on its first Proposal and passed an extension of yield farming RADAR on SushiSwap for a further three months – with a for vote of 56.84%. 

Community members don’t only unlock DappRadar PRO by holding 5,000 RADAR in their wallets. They also have voting power in the future of the World’s Dapp Store, harnessing their RADAR holdings to vote on proposals formulated by DappRadar or the community themselves. 

With the first DappRadar Community Proposal (DCP-1), the community got a first glimpse of what holding RADAR can mean. They’ve got the power to add, contribute, and vote, having a say in the future direction of The World’s Dapp Store.. 

As 56.84% of the voting power favored DCP-1, liquidity providers in the SushiSwap RADAR-ETH pool can yield farm extra RADAR for another 3 months. For the coming 90 days, there will be 72 million RADAR going towards liquidity providers on the SushiSwap exchange. That means there’s 800,000 RADAR per day or $35,000 at the time of writing. 

Anybody can become part of the DappRadar community. Simply join us on Discord, introduce yourself and start talking. Innovative ideas can become proposals for the community to vote on, giving you the ability to contribute.

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