DappRadar Runs a Chromia Validator Node

DappRadar Runs a Chromia Validator Node on testnet and soon on mainnet

Supporting decentralization of the Chromia blockchain

DappRadar is excited to reveal that it has been running a validator node for the Chromia testnet, and will continue to do so when the mainnet launches. In addition, DappRadar will integrate Chromia into its platform later, as this forms the beginning of broader collaborations between DappRadar and Chromia. 

Chromia describes itself as a relational blockchain, offering a user-friendly environment where developers can deploy all kinds of dapps, including but not limited to DeFi, NFTs, gaming and more. Each node in the Chromia blockchain uses its own relational database, allowing the network to deploy various smaller networks utilizing a set of validator nodes. Therefore, every dapp oriented network is a subset of all nodes belonging to Chromia. 

DappRadar has already been running a testnet node for Chromia, and will continue to contribute by running a validator node on the Chromia mainnet. The entire ecosystem is powered by CHR, which will be used by dapp developers to pay for hosting fees. 

DappRadar supporting dapp ecosystems

DappRadar tracks over 15,000 dapps across more than 55 different blockchains, therefore supporting chains by running nodes makes sense. The World’s Dapp Store now runs nodes for three different networks; Ronin, Theta and Chromia. 

When a user wants to find a new dapp or a certain service, they can go to DappRadar and find the dapp of their choice. Chromia pushes the adoption of dapps through user-friendly tools for developers and end-users, making it an easy choice for DappRadar to become a validator. 

Dapps running on Chromia

Even though DappRadar doesn’t track the Chromia network yet, we do list some dapps from the Chromia ecosystem. 

  • My Neighbor Alice – an online social adventure game to collect, build and meet new friends
  • Mines of Dalarnia – an action-adventure game where players gather resources, improve their gear and go deeper into the mines, fighting enemies and searching relics

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