DappRadar Launches Chain Rankings

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Traders, investors and users now have a holistic view of dapp activity across different blockchains

DappRadar now allows Web3 explorers to have a clear overview of all the dapp activity across the industry, through the Chain Rankings. Here users can see which blockchains have the most traction, which can be an important stepping stone for those looking to go deeper into Web3. 

Through the DappRadar Chain Rankings, users gain insights into which blockchain has seen the most traction. It features all the 55 blockchain ecosystems tracked by DappRadar, and will include future integrations as well. 

Chain Rankings functions as an overview page, giving users valuable insights in the number of dapps and smart contracts on a blockchain. In addition, it provides information about the number of wallets interacting with dapps on a blockchain, the NFT trading volume and the total value locked in DeFi.

Discover gems early with Chain Rankings

On the Chain Rankings, users can sort data using metrics like the number of dapps, DeFi TVL and NFT volume. Using the dropdown menu on the top right, they can select a time frame. This will then alter the percentage change or number increase for each of the metrics. 

After finding a blockchain ecosystem of interest, Web3 explorers can simply click the name and visit that chain’s specific rankings. 

This brings a whole new discovery journey to DappRadar, allowing users to find potential rising stars in the Web3 space as early as possible.

  1. Go to the Chain Rankings
  2. Discover which blockchain has an interesting increase in a certain metric
  3. Click the chain’s data, and visit the chain’s rankings
  4. Here you can sort data, or filter based on dapp categories
  5. Of course, advanced filter options for PRO members add much deeper discovery methods

Suddenly users can discover a potential killer dapp early, as the blockchain ecosystem is still on the rise. That’s the power of DappRadar’s Chain Rankings. 

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