DappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januškas Joins Sushi AMA

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Learn and ask about DappRadar and win 5,000 RADAR

This Friday, DappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januškas will join the team of SushiSwap for an AMA on Discord. Curious listeners, innovative builders, and ambitious metacitizens will have a chance to be one of the five users to win 5,000 RADAR. 

The AMA with Skirmantas Januskas takes place on Friday 4 pm UTC in the SushiSwap Discord. The DappRadar CEO will talk to Tangle, one of the leading voices in the SushiSwap community. We invite everybody to join the AMA, ask questions about RADAR, DappRadar, and DappRadar PRO, to have a chance to win 5000 RADAR. That’s enough RADAR for a DappRadar PRO membership, and we’re giving this away five times! 

When will the AMA take place? 

  • Friday, January 7th, 4 pm UTC / 11 am EDT / 5 pm CET
  • Saturday, January 8th, 12 am CST / PHT (UTC+8)

Curious about DappRadar PRO?

DappRadar launched its native RADAR token in December. RADAR powers the world’s biggest dapp store while it rewards contributors. Thanks to the RADAR token, the entire community of DappRadar  aligned to build a better dapp store so that everybody can discover the dapps they like. 

Discovering dapps on DappRadar is free, but those who hold 5000 RADAR in their Ethereum wallet can unlock DappRadar PRO. DappRadar PRO initially gives token holders access to NFT alerts in the DappRadar Discord server and better filtering options in the DappRadar Rankings and NFT data. In 2022 a whole range of additional tools will be developed, benefiting PRO members. 

Learn more about PRO here. If you already have plenty of RADAR tokens, perhaps you want to learn how to earn more by staking LP tokens on SushiSwap. You can find the RADAR token on various decentralized and centralized exchanges:

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