DappRadar Builds & Opens Doors, Not Guard Them

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Growing the world of dapps and metaverse opportunities with the DappRadar community

On Friday, January 7th, 2022, DappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januškas joined Tangle, one of the leading voices in the SushiSwap community, for an hour-long AMA on Discord. Having just launched RADAR and staking opportunities with the leading multi-chain DeFi platform, it felt like the perfect moment to meet and chat about the future of the dapp industry, DappRadar, and Sushi. 

Skirmantas opens up about his entry into the world of blockchain and dapps and speaks of his amazement at the possibility of a truly transparent world. One where we users regain the power to become creators and contributors instead of simple consumers. Starting back in 2017, around the same time as CryptoKitties launched, Skirmantas talks about his journey this far, plus the conception and development of DappRadar and what lies ahead. 

“We don’t want to be the ones that decide if something is right or wrong. We are not here to guard the doorway to the World’s Dapp Store we’re here to build it together with our community.” says DappRadar CEO Skirmantas Januškas. 

The story of how two teenage developers built what is now the world’s leading dapp store and analytics site is a truly fascinating one – Watch the full AMA. 

About RADAR 

DappRadar launched its native RADAR token in December 2021. RADAR powers the world’s biggest dapp store while it rewards contributors. Thanks to the RADAR token, the entire community of DappRadar aligned to build a better dapp store so that everybody can discover the dapps they like. 

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