DappRadar Browser Extension: PRO Members are Invited

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Making Web3 safer, and soon unlocking contribute-to-earn

DappRadar community members with a PRO membership are among the first to try the DappRadar browser extension. This extension will keep you safe when navigating Web3, and will unlock contribution mechanics in the coming months. 

We’ve launched a beta version for Chromium browsers, including Chrome and Brave. You can find it in the Google Chrome Store. We ask anybody using the extension to provide feedback and help us improve the product, because this will improve the value of the PRO membership and the quality of our services to you. 

You may wonder, what will the extension do? Users who have the extension running in their browser, will receive blockchain metrics when they visit a dapp page. The extension verifies that the dapp you’re using is official, and will notify you when you’re dealing with an unknown or unlisted smart contract. 

How to get started? 

Even though anybody can download the DappRadar browser extension, the extension will only work when you have a DappRadar PRO membership. This is how you get started. 

  1. First make sure you are a PRO member by staking 30,000 RADAR (check)
  2. Then install the browser extension into your Chromium browser (download)
  3. Make sure you’re logged into your DappRadar account
  4. Locate the DappRadar icon in your browser’s toolbar, click it and open the extension. 
  5. Then navigate to ‘Settings’ by clicking the Settings tab.
  6. Authenticate your DappRadar PRO account in the extension. A verification message should appear.
  7. Now you’re ready to use the DappRadar browser extension

Should you encounter any issues or have any inquiries, our support team is on standby to assist you.Thank you for your support, and enjoy your enhanced Web3 browsing experience.

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