DappRadar to Empower Businesses with Blockchain Data API

dappradar blockchain data api
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Interested companies, clients, researchers and entrepreneurs can apply now

DappRadar is excited to announce that it will open up its data to other businesses, research companies and institutions through a blockchain data API. DappRadar will provide third-parties with clean blockchain data, covering DeFi, NFTs, gaming and much more. 

Using the DappRadar API, companies can enhance their business proposition with live, clean and accurate blockchain data. The markets for digital collectibles, financial services, and games will also become transparent as more companies move into the blockchain ecosystem. DappRadar is there to make this data insightful and usable for all. 

With 1 million users per month, DappRadar has become the go-to destination for consumers discovering dapps and managing their portfolios. The World’s Dapp Store prides itself on supplying the cleanest and most comprehensive data sets, giving users the best blockchain insights. All this data comes from 50 blockchain ecosystems, while machine learning algorithms and our team of developers filter spam transactions. 

What’s more, the data from our API will become community-powered in the future. DappRadar launched the RADAR token in December last year. This marked our first step towards a community-managed dapp store for the people and by the people. Machine learning and community contributions will make DappRadar the premier data source for enterprises, news media, research and commercial businesses. 

The DappRadar API is currently in development. Interested parties can sign-up to be notified when the service goes live. Head over to https://dappradar.com/api, apply now, and supercharge your organization with powerful Web3 data.

About DappRadar 

As The World’s Dapp Store, DappRadar enables users to track, analyze, and discover over 14,000 decentralized applications across 50 blockchains. This includes Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, but also Solana and Avalanche, with plans to expand to others. DappRadar launched in 2018 and has served the ecosystem as it found its fit into the world through the evolution of DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi. 

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